Ienne & svuvn - You Know That I Would (single / album feature)

Released August 26, 2022
Label:PLASTIC PAIN CLUB [PPC-02]&HyperPop Records
Format: Digital

let you know (single)

Released June 17th, 2022
Format: Digital
"A moody and low-lit number from this New York musician glides haunting vocals through dark rivers of electronics."
— Bandcamp New and Notable, 7/18/22

live at WFMU, 05/16/2018 (live mini album)

Released May 18th, 2018
Format: Digital

don't leave (single)

Released March 17th, 2018
Formats: Digital & limited 7" vinyl bundle

night before (single)

Released October 22nd, 2016
Formats: Digital & limited 7" vinyl